Who is Biggie?! You don’t know Biggie? How much time do you have?! Biggie is our mascot, our friend, our therapy dog, and a million other things. He is the face or “mug” of our brand because he embodies our core values. He’s kind. He is dependable. He marches to the beat of his own drum, a renegade if you will. He is resilient – you tell him he can’t have a treat, he will come back using 10 different techniques to get to the final destination. Aka a treat in his mouth. Above all, he brings happiness to everyone he meets, and we are lucky to have him.

No! Biggie’s full name is Mr. Bigglesworth. His parents have a twisted sense of humor and named him after the hairless cat in the Austin Powers movies.

Biggie has many pastimes including eating, sleeping, jumping up on people, and sitting on feet. Nothing makes him happier than sitting on someone’s shoes and if it’s someone he doesn’t know or never met, that’s even better. He has been known to do this at Dog Parks, people parks, and when guests come to his house who he has never met before. He loves the element of surprise in their face when he plops down nearly crushing their toes.

Biggie weighs 50lbs on a good day but is often mistaken for weighting much less because he is so short.

Biggie’s birthday is October 14, 2014. He wanted us to let you know that he accepts gifts that are edible, toys that squeak, and back scratchers.

Biggie enjoys his morning, midday, and evening slumbers (this is in addition to sleeping at night). If he has had a strenuous day of speed walking around the block, he does tend to snore. Some would say the sound is comparable to a fighter jet engine. Sometimes it can get so loud that he wakes himself up.

Biggie has been known to make an appearance for some of our clients. It’s just hard to fit them in with his aggressive nap schedule.