Surface Cleaners

Keeping your various surfaces clean is important on many levels.

First, a good commercial surface cleaner ensures your building always looks its best for your visitors, guests, clients, staff or students. Next, it safeguards those same folks from spreading germs in high traffic areas!

Keeping all of those areas spotless and sanitized is easier with our complete line of surface cleaners!

Whether you need wipes to disinfect your high-touch surfaces, remove limescale from tiles or rid your walls of graffiti, we have the ideal product for all of your surface cleaning needs.

Want to remove scuffs, lipstick, pen marks, caked-on grease, fingerprints or everyday dirt the scent-free way? Stock up on our non-caustic cleaning sponges!

Say goodbye to sticky surfaces with our point-and-spray adhesive removers. Remove unsightly tar and asphalt overspray with our citrus-scented spray degreaser.

Cover large surface areas with a multi-purpose surface cleaner, deodorizer, disinfectant/sanitizer, virucide, and mildewstat.

Rid your hospital school, hotel, kennel, warehouse, processing plants or indoor/outdoor areas of crawling and flying insects with an insecticide that’s formulated for use on hard and soft surfaces.

Discover these and other effective and efficient surface cleaners from Green Chem Labs!

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