Drain Treatment

Looking for an enzyme drain cleaner? A septic safe drain cleaner? Or perhaps a hair and grease drain cleaner? We’re here for all of your emergency drain cleaning needs!!

Drain maintenance is not only vital for efficient building operations. Keeping your building’s various drains free of clogs, contaminants and vermin also keeps staff, visitors and residents safe!

Our line of drain treatment solutions includes environmentally friendly cleaning products designed to eliminate clogs, descale porcelain and pipes, remove mastics and adhesives, dissolve hair, grease, latex paint, tar and asphalt, and so much more. Additionally, many of these cleaners remove the organic waste that attracts insects, rodents and other pests.

All of our non-toxic cleaners, descalers, openers and drain treatment products are packaged in recyclable containers for extra peace of mind. Best of all, many of these products are designed for multipurpose use in other areas of building cleaning and maintenance.

At Green Chem Laboratories, the best drain cleaner is just a click away! Shop our line of fast-acting drain treatments, maintenance products, and other eco-friendly products today!

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