Odor Control

Keeping your business clean and presentable isn’t the only way to maintain a more welcoming environment. Ensuring that your facility is odor-free plays a vital role, too!

Green Chem Laboratories offers you the perfect, fast-acting odor eliminator spray to help your commercial property smell fresh and fantastic.

Most scented sprays act as a room deodorizer for a simple short-term solution, but only mask foul smells for a few minutes.

Rather than allowing these smells to linger, our environmentally responsible odor neutralizer product line is formulated to provide long-lasting relief from a variety of foul smells, including garbage, waste materials, organic matter, animal scents, smoke, burnt or pungent food, paint, and chemical or exhaust fumes.

Our extensive line of industrial odor control sprays, gels, sponges and bags are ideal for use in a variety of settings, including janitorial maintenance areas, vehicles, restrooms, plumbing departments and sewage treatment plants, manufacturing facilities, medical offices, classrooms, kitchens, and other locations that are prone to unpleasant scents.

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