Whether you need to sanitize your high-traffic areas or protect your staff from pests, our line of cleaning, sanitizing and insect-repellant wipes are exactly what you need!

Shop for an array of wipes that are safe for use on most common surfaces and suit a variety of purposes.

Our Hand & Surface Sani Wipes not only remove dirt and stains, they also kill 99% of illness-causing bacteria to reduce staff sick days and improve your customer experience.

Discover Razzle Dazzle cleaning wipes that keep stainless-steel surfaces and appliances in your commercial-grade kitchen and cafeteria sparkling and spotless.

Use our Eco D-Scale wipes to easily rid your surfaces from limescale, soap scum build-up and stubborn water spots and stains.

Equip your maintenance team with wipes that protect them from exposure to poison ivy and repel bugs and insects.

Erase Graffiti Wipes remove inks and paints from surfaces without damaging them or removing background paint, while Wicked Wipes safely and effectively free hard-working hands from caked-on dirt, grease, solvents, paints, and other messy materials.

Wipe out dirt, grime, stains, vandalism, germs, and pests with help from Green Chem Laboratories.

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