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Having a dumpster and a trash room are necessities for any commercial property. Unfortunately, they’re also a haven for foul smells.

Keep your trash areas and accessories odor-free with Fresh Air Lemongrass!

This biodegradable granular product effectively eliminates odors in everything from a trash can, dumpster, trash chute and compactor room.

It’s even powerful enough to rid tough odors caused by feces and decaying waste found in hospitals, garbage trucks, landfills, and sewage plants.

Since it’s part of our non-toxic product line and safe to use around children and animals, it’s also an ideal odor-elimination option for playgrounds, campsites, kennels, stables, and more.

Additionally, this odor eliminator does not significantly contribute to landfill volume and is lightweight for reduced shipping costs. Green Chem Laboratories allows you to dispose of your waste with ease!

When you need a dumpster deodorizer, sewage odor neutralizer or an easy way to keep your trash areas smelling pleasant, choose Fresh Air Lemongrass granules!



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5 GALLON PAIL – $290.00, 55 GALLON DRUM – $1,320.00

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