Rebranding Announcement


Green Chem Laboratories announces major rebranding that reinforces the company’s innovative spirit and serves as an opportunity to provide information to our end users in a clean and uncomplicated format.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (10/20/21) — Green Chem Laboratories, a premium manufacturer for eco-friendly industrial chemicals, today announced a major re-brand, from their logo to their packaging. The company decided to work with Duffy, a world-renowned branding agency, to make their vision come to life.

“We wanted to set a new standard in our industry by creating labels that are beautiful, fun, and most importantly, functional. Every label was created with great thought and care with our end users’ wants and needs in mind.” – Gabrielle Wells, Founder & CEO

The key changes for the rebrand include:

  • Updating the labels so they are more appealing. Just because you are using commercial cleaning or maintenance chemicals doesn’t mean they need to be ugly.
  • Adding icons to the fronts of the labels. We found that most people have no time to read all of the heavily worded text on labels. We decided to remove that text and simplify the information with icons. By placing the icons on the front side, people can quickly and easily see all of the ways the product can be utilized.
  • Creating a product category patterns and color system. This is an additional step that we took to ensure that there would never be an issue with someone grabbing the wrong product while in a rush.
  • Adding flags to the labels indicating if a product is eco-friendly, made in the USA, and to notate that you are purchasing from a Certified Woman Owned Small Business. Including the Biggie Approved stamp to show that all of our products have undergone rigorous testing to meet the gold standard of Mr. Bigglesworth, our mascot.

About Green Chem Laboratories

GREEN CHEM LABORATORIES is a Certified Woman-Owned Small Business that manufacturers innovative environmentally responsible products used for maintaining (Facilities Maintenance) and cleaning (Housekeeping) commercial properties. We specialize in creating chemicals that are for multi-purpose use. Most of our products can be used for various applications creating less waste and saving our end users money.